I think this is one of the best messages I’ve ever received!

Hi Sophie,
My name is Carolina and I’m the mum of Mateo from FS2 at Broadbent Fold School. Mateo was so impressed since you went to the school on friday we’ve been playing judo all weekend!

He told us that “to live in Olympian you have to practice every day and every night even on your birthday!”. He made a tatami on the living room floor with all the sofa cushions (he actually dismanteled the sofa) and he has been tugging his clothes and falling on the cushions.

His brother Noah is 3 years old and likes to be a cat but this weekend he was judo cat and he was loving it.

Mateo is delayed in some areas of development and he is not so confident physically so and I would like him to try some judo lessons locally since he is so motivated by you. I found a place but the lessons are too late for him starting at 7pm till 8.30. Can you please let me know if you know of any clubs near the school or dukinfield where we can take him?

Thank you and congratulations on an inspiring performance, my little red head Mateo thinks you’re judotastic!