Greater Manchester, UK


Sophie Cox Lead Coach:

4th Dan, 2 times Olympian,
7 times British Champion,
6 time European Champion and
Commonwealth Bronze

You can choose to learn judo as a sport, or as a martial art. You can train for competition, for personal development, for fitness and health, for cross-training purposes or for all of the above. Studying judo enables you, the participant, to learn about yourself, a culture and a way of life. Judo training is a great way to keep fit whilst learning new skills. Judo improves: balance, strength, power, co-ordination, flexibility, core strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This in turn improves other lifestyle factors such as physical and mental well-being.

The instruction at Judo4All is there to make this fascinating martial art appealing to everyone. Sophie offers high quality training to individuals and groups based on her 20 years of experience in the sport. She is in the unique position of being able to tailor the training environment to a variety of needs. She also provides strength and conditioning and lifestyle programs.

Judo - More Than Sport Part 2


This year I have entered the EJU European

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Judo - More Than Sport: Part 1

  • A report from the Budo-Nord/Lugi Judo Club Training Camp

What is it?

A judo competition and training camp for all ages.

Where is it?

Lund, Sweden.

I was surprised when I got a call from Mike asking if I was availible to coach at the Lugi camp this year.

Apparently, one of our mutual judo pals Conny Peterson had re


Me and Mike, Head coach at Kendal Judo Performance Centre

commended to the organisers tat I be on the coaching team this year. Mike has been going to the camp for years and a young group from Kendal Judo club (plus extras!) w

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Giving Back

I think this is one of the best messages I’ve ever received!

Hi Sophie,
My name is Carolina and I’m the mum of Mateo from FS2 at Broadbent Fold School. Mateo was so impressed since you went to the school on friday we’ve been playing judo all weekend!

He told us that “to live in Olympian you have to practice every day and every night even on your birthday!”. He made a tatami on the living room floor with all the sofa cushions (he actually dismanteled the sofa) and he has been tugging his clothes and falling o

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Unfortunately women and men are still not treating 100% equally, though this has improved throughout the years. If you are interested in hearing about Sophie's experiences with this and how to overcome it you can book her for talks. Whether in the work place, in sports clubs or at a school. Get in touch today to find out more by emailing

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Are you ready to scrap tonight? We'll see the seniors from 8pm tonight. #Seniors #Judo #Bacup

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A good judoka, one who practices Judo, will first use timing and leverage to bring his opponent off balance and execute a throw. #WhatIsJudo

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The no gi grappling variations of the judo throws and takedowns are suitable for the MMA arena and all grappling contests. Come along to Mundo's tonight to find out more. See you at 6.15pm #Judo4BJJ #Judo4MMA #Radcliffe

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